Pea Shoots


Micro pea shoots have a very delicate and crisp texture that is best served fresh. For the best nutritional value, Pea shoots should be used raw and make a great garnish. They can also be blended into smoothies. Most popular use is as a raw edible garnish over sandwich platters, canapés or main dishes. These Microgreens pair well with aromatics, including ginger, garlic, citrus and vinegar.  Try adding them to meats (pork and poultry dishes) and fish.


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Grown in Wales, UK


Salad pea shoots have a sweet flavour. The leaves of pea shoots have a refreshing and earthy aroma. Micro pea shoots are highly popular for their tender, crisp texture, and bright, sweet, and grassy pea-like flavour.


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20 in stock

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